Flash Media Packaging

July 8, 2009

All Boxed Up: Types of Flash Media Packaging

With the advent of flash memory, storing and saving data has become a lot easier, more convenient and in a lot of ways, significantly safer.  The sensitivity of flash media has also raised the demand for better, more durable and flexible packaging.  Here are the types of flash media packaging you can expect:flash media packaging

Plastic is a good choice for flash media packaging because it is very adaptable and allows for a variety of designs, shapes and forms.  Clear plastic is an excellent material to use for the popular blister packaging and can be produced as plain or printed box containers.

What to expect: Plastic flash media packaging allows for easy display of the product.  It’s durable enough but has limitations in terms of strength.  It’s also recyclable.

Paper cardboard is another option for flash media packaging.  It’s durable, cost-effective and allows sufficient protection.

What to expect: A wide range of designs and colors, along with many options for customization.  Paper cardboard packaging is also recyclable.

Foam is not a very common type of flash media packaging, although it is often used as inner fitment.  It is often molded to the shape of the product and used to secure the item to prevent slipping or knocking.  It is still an option, although it is not as popular as other types of packaging.

Customized packaging options
Compatibility between flash media and the type of packaging used is an important concern for manufacturers and retailers alike.  Although certain flash media products might fit generic packaging, most will often require packaging designs that are product-specific.  These are the best choices for companies that make flash media products with specifications that are different from readily available designs.

Customized packaging for flash media is also an excellent choice for promotional products or those with limited edition release.  They are also a practical choice for products that are intended for display.

What to expect: With customized flash media packaging, there is much room for personalization.  Other than shape and dimensions of the packaging, there is also a wide range of choices when it comes to material, color and printing.


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